Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Virtual Plein Air 1

Recently join a facebook group page named Virtual Plein Air, here's my 1st submission there.

Alien dropship sketch

some random sketch, turns out to be an alien dropship I guess

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Character design 2

another set of character design, i wana push this into a unique cyborg design out of the cliche norm.
why not legs got replace by machine instead of arms???

so here you go, a cyborg handicap

fantasy landscape

Saw alot of natural caves and rocks formation recently and it some how impregnated my mind to produce this piece.

commision painitngs

The painting makes sense now, the fire relates the beasts colour

before critique, knowing that something is off

Environment Design (Ferium)

An addons to my personal project, finally a place for my characters to live in.....felt guilty for em, since they're living in the slums for they are the criminals of Ferium city.
This piece shows the segregation of the rich and poor.


anatomy practice

should do this often, B/W torsor practice

anatomy sketching

it aint fun until u plug in some rad music,
done this awhile back decided to post it

Alien Tribe World

Alien world design, of course i'm able to do something else besides mecha and scifi ;D.
a brief concept of the designs. This alien race seldom meet daylights as they're living underground,
And Yes, all life forms on this planet are able to generate light energy on their own.
it's starting to make sense, they don't need technology> they're on their peek of their civilization>they never needed to progress further.