Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My very first Zbrush work!!

 It's all start of with this little squid, it somehow talked to me, told me to design something; What if these little creatures evolved or what if its a head?? Nature can be fascinating. I believe all man made structure is and always have influence by nature, so to all designers out there.....love our planet

This is the 3rd sculpture I did with Zbrush, the first 2 was pretty much to get familiar with the software. I also have to thank Nick Gan for showing me the software basic, and the tutorials form youtube

  What i did was sculpt it in Zbrush then paintover on photoshop. it's a really fun process.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Mechanical Design 2

Drones of CoreTech, my concept behind these robot is that they'll battle with my character. Dispite the fact that they're police, they are controlled by the bad guys therefor the my design is mostly in angular shapes; inverted triangle as it gives out an uncomfortable feeling.

Mechanical Design with props

  Mechanical design with props, during the process of brainstroming and sketching out the designs...i seriously tough I'll screw up for i am weak in mecha.
  What I did was break out my comfort zone of drawing warrior and dragons, and I have to say i'm pretty happy with the out come.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Creature Design

Creature designs!! my favorite part, the concept behind my creatures is that all the domestic animals and insects have undergo a reverse evolution cause by nuclear radiation, heir mutsted genes have turn into a mutant-like-mega fauna.


Character design

This is a concept art subject base on my college, we are require to design a character base on certain them and genre as well as setting a world for my character to life in.

I have pick cyberpunk to start with


Hi, first time blogger here
A brief intro of myself,

  I'm Raymond Chen, A designer of functions, a designer of looks and a designer of messages. Concept design / illustration / storyboard is my game.
  This blog will mostly about art and designs; my personal works and sharings.
 boring right?? :DD